What is your excuse


I don't have time


I am to much out of shape


It's to late for me


I will start NEXT monday


I will be hungry all the time


It's to expensive to eat healthy


I am to tired to exercise

Getting motivated to lose weight

Starting and sticking to a healthy weight loss plan can sometimes seem impossible.

We usually don't have the motivation we need to start losing weight, or when we start, we lose our motivation to keep going.

Then our mind gets filled with all kinds of excuses, like the ones above, because it's easier to make an excuse then to actually do something.

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No more excuses

Our mind usually needs a very good reason to do something we don't like.

Think about how difficult it is to quit smoking, people lie to theirselves that they will slowly start smoking less and less until they eventually stop. But they never do, because they always think about future me. "Someday I will stop."


I doesn't work that way. People who manage to quit, do it by making radical decisions. "That is enough, never again!"


Same goes for losing weight, we need to stop making ecxuses and start acting. Not next monday, not tomorrow, but right now! 

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Easier said then done

That means completely changing our lifestyle and of course it's hard because it's scary.


That is why we need to set some goal to fight for.


And we need to make this goal something very important, something that will keep us going when we are at our worst, something that will stop us from giving up.

It could be health reasons, maybe we want to play with your children without your belly on the way, maybe we just want to fit inside our favourite pants again. 

I doesn't matter what it is, it's important to always keep our goal in our minds, especially when we think we can't do it and start making excuses.

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