Raspberry ketone

What is Raspberry Ketone?

Raspberry ketone is a natural substance that gives red raspberries their powerful aroma.

This substance is also found in small amounts in other fruits and berries, such as blackberries, cranberries and kiwis.

It has a long history of use in cosmetics and has been added to soft drinks, ice cream and other processed foods as a flavoring.

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Benefits of Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketone increases fat breakdown by making the cells more susceptible to the fat-burning hormone norepinephrine.

This means that you will burn fat much faster while feeling full and energized, full because it also regulates your appetie and energized because of that extra energy release that comes from burning fat.

It increases release of the adiponectin, hormone that is usually released during weight loss process, it has an important role in regulating metabolism and blood sugar level.

This hormone also reduces chance ofobesity, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, hart diseases and many other diseases linked with excessive weight.

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